Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Best Fat Burning & Firming Rules For Women

Who Wants To Lose Belly Fat and Slim Down Hips and Thighs?
What is the best combination of fat-burning & firming?

A. In order to maximize your fat burning potential, just doing one exercise will not work. Also,
a "one size fits all approach", doesn't work either. It is a combination of exercises that will
help you achieve a lean, fit body. Many women want to lose that belly fat, sculpt and firm up
their glutes, and slim down their hips but are following a plan that does not work for them.

Women have different metabolisms and body types so what works for one woman will not
necessarily work for another.

The following are the five most important things you need to know about fat burning and

1. Whole body workouts. These are the best to burn fat because you burn more calories per
workout (exercises like squats, dumbbell presses, and rows are just a few examples of
exercises that you would include in a fat burning workout).

2. Doing workouts that are worth your time. If you are pressed for time, don't waste your time
only doing workouts that involve small muscle groups like your shoulders.

Compound movements, will burn more calories and target your shoulders also. You should
do a whole body workout at least 3x a week in order to get the maximum fat burning results.

3. Intensity is your good friend. If you are not feeling it, then you are not going to see the
results you want (this means challenging your muscles each and every time you workout). By
working out intensely you will burn more fat. This also means using weight that makes you
work hard. If you are afraid of bulking up, it's okay because it just won't happen.

4. Eat your protein regularly. I know you have heard about this a lot but so many women out
there aren't getting the proper amount of protein to blast fat and firm up. You can have a great
workout, but if your nutrition is off then you won't see the best results.

5. A right mindset. This is the #1 neglected part. It's not about setting goals, it's about
empowering yourself to see no obstacle in your way of achieving the body that you so desire.
Putting the sufficient time and effort into this will pay off huge in the end result. I am talking
about looking and feeling the way you want to.

Image yourself standing in front of your mirror and loving what you see and feeling great.

Keep this image in the back of your mind and never let go of it until you have reached your
fitness goals.

When it comes right down to it, you can have the best fat burning and firming exercise and
nutrition program, but it will never happen without the right mindset! Good Luck!

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Follow the Rainbow to Perfect Health!

Make yourself disease-proof!

Stoplight shaded fruits and veggies not only catch the eye but also have many of the top 20 most potent antioxidants. Lycopene, packed into tomatoes, watermelon and red bell pepper, has been found to prevent heart disease and estrogen-related cancers. And red apples are rich in quercetin, a proven heart-health booster.

Lower your cholesterol!

The same compound that makes food orange also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure!
Carrots, in particular, boost high amounts of a fiber called calcuim pectate, shown to regulate
high cholesterol. In a recent government study, people who munched a cup of carrots a day
averaged an 11% drop in blood cholesterol after only three weeks! Prefer oranges? University
of Western Toronto researchers found drinking three 8-ounce glasses of OJ a day increases
HDL ("good") cholesterol by 21% and reduces LDL ("bad") cholesterol by 16%!

Ease digestion!

Yellow foods soothe stomachaches and improve gastrointestinal health, research shows. One
mango contains 7 grams of bowel-friendly fiber, while papayas are rich in an enzyme that helps
you digest protein and carbohydrates. And bananas ease any intestinal distress.

Protect your eyesight!

Leafy greens like watercress, kale, collard, mustard greens and spinach are filled with lutein, a
chemical that protects the eyes from aging. It's even been found to lower the odds of
developing macular degeneration, the most common cause of vision loss in folks older than
50, by 43%. Lutein also lowers breast cancer risk, according to the National Cancer Institute-
and since cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cabbage are also filled with cancer reducing
chemicals called indoles, eating just a cup or so a day can keep your eyes young and prevent
cancer too!

Keep your brain sharp!

Studies have found that anthocyanins, the antioxidants responsible for blueberries color, can
also heighten learning capacity, motor skills and memory. They can even keep your brain
young: Joint studies from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and the National Institute
of Aging found that berries protect against cognitive impairment and even Alzheimers disease!
And just a handful a day is enough to do the trick.

Stay limber!

Foods of a royal hue like grapes, figs, prunes, raisins and plums help prevent joint problems,
studies show. Grapes are loaded with antioxidants proven to reduce the inflammation
associated with arthritis, and they also contain boron, a mineral shown to relieve even severe
joint pain!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

FoodsThat Melt Fat!

How would you like to drop a few pounds without dieting or hitting the gym? You can-with slim-down foods that boost your calorie-burning power just like exercise!

1. Drop 7 pounds eating eggs!
They're packed with amino acids, and research shows that upping your intake of these protein building blocks can help you burn 71 more calories daily, enough to shed seven pounds a year. Aim for: seven to 10 eggs weekly.

2. Lose half a pound a month with green tea!
Burn an easy 60 calories a day due to antioxidants in green tea that also rev the brains production of metabolism speeding hormones. Aim for: Three cups daily.

3. Burn fat 33% faster with low-fat yogurt!
Thank the calcium in low-fat dairy! Getting three servings daily can double your weight loss.
Aim for: 8 oz. of low-fat milk or yogurt per serving.

4. Cut your appetite 35% with coffee!
A mere cup a day can raise your resting metabolic rate 15% for four hours; sip it 30 minutes before meals and it will blunt your appetite by 35%, as well! This single trick can help you lose 12 pounds a year-without counting a single calorie!
Tip: Power up your workouts! Drinking coffee an hour before exercising can help you melt 31% more fat!

5. Down 16% fewer calories with hot peppers!
Sure, they fire up your metabolism, but they also promote a sense of fullness that helps curb overeating. The proof: In a recent study, two groups were given pre-dinner drinks of tomato juice, one spicy, the other plain. Those who had the spicy drink ate 16% fewer calories than those who had the plain!

Quick Slimming! Fit in one cup of raw veggies-and 8oz. of vegetable juice daily-and researchers say you will shed up to 9 lbs. in just four weeks! This simple step doubles your intake of enzymes that help boost metabolism.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Fill up on the food that spikes fat burn!
It's protein. According to one study, you can burn 71 more calories every day-which translates into seven pounds of effortless weight loss a year-just by including at least 2oz of chicken, beef, fish or other protein in every meal. In another study, women who ate high protein meals doubled their metabolic rate for at least two hours afterward.

Try the trick that burns 30 minutes of calories in just 20 minutes!
Walking to work or the grocery store? Simply picking up the pace significantly for 30 seconds every few minutes can help your body burn 36% more fat from the exercise. Bursts of speed allow you to do much more intense, metabolism-boosting exercise, because you aren't held back by the very real problem of endurance.

Unwind with a sitcom!
Laughing out loud increases calorie burn by up to 20%, reports a Vanderbilt University study.
In fact, if you laugh 10 to 15 minutes a day, you can lose about four pounds a year without making any other changes to your diet or routine.

Sip green tea before your meals to double weight loss!
Dieters who drink green tea 30 minutes before every meal lose twice as much weight as those who go tea-free. Green tea's polyphenols boost brain levels of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that keeps resting metabolic rates high, so you can burn more calories even when your sitting on the couch.

Build your muscles to torch belly fat!
All you have to do is fit in one hour of light weightlifting a week-that's 10 minutes a day with a day off and research suggests you will significantly raise your production of belly-flattening human growth hormone (HGH)

Take fish oil to burn flab more easily!
Women who take 3,000 mg. of fish oil daily shed up to twice as much body fat as those who don't. Turns out, the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil stimulate the secretion of leptin, a hormone that makes it easier for your body to convert stored fat into energy, a key to keeping your metabolism running at peak efficiency.

Have breakfast to rev up your metabolism by 30%!
Simply putting food in your mouth first thing in the morning increases your metabolism by 30% for several hours. The reason: Breaking your overnight "fast" convinces your body that food is plentiful, so it doesn't feel the need to store calories as fat, instead it burns them.

Sleep more to reduce fattening stress hormones!
Struggling along on too-little sleep results in a 40% increase in blood levels of cortisol, a powerful stress hormone proven to slow metabolism, plus trigger a 33% increase in hunger panes and cravings. Aim for at least seven hours of shuteye each night.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fun Facts: How Sweet It Is!

There's a lot more to watermelon than just delicious taste. Here are some fun facts about this nutritious fruit...

Melon Trivia
  • The first recorded watermelon harvest took place in Egypt almost 5,000 years ago.
  • Watermelons were placed in the burials tombs of Egyptian kings so they would have nourishment in the afterlife.
  • Watermelon is 92 percent water.
  • Early explorers used the watermelon as a canteen.
  • More than 1,200 types of watermelon are grown worldwide.
  • In the U.S. and Mexico, 200 to 300 varieties are grown, with seedless being the most popular.
  • In the U.S., Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia and Texas produce the most watermelon, followed by 39 other states.

Serving Tips
  • Freeze pureed watermelon in ice cube trays for a refreshing frozen treat or add watermelon ice cubes to lemonade.(for fun add vodka for a fun party treat)
  • Watermelon rind can be marinated, pickled or candied.
  • Roast, season and eat watermelon seeds as a snack.
  • For a refreshing summer soup, puree chilled watermelon, cantaloupe, and kiwifruit together. Swirl in a little plain yogurt and serve.
  • A traditional Russian sweetener, watermelon syrup is made by boiling juice pressed from watermelon pulp down to one-seventh of its original volume. The resulting sweetener can be used in cocktails, smoothies and desserts.

Food Facts
  • Watermelon has no fat or cholesterol and contains fiber as well as potassium. It's an excellent source of vitamins A, B6, and C, and it's rich in lycopene.
  • Because of watermelons high water content and low calorie count-only 48 calories per cup-it delivers more nutrients per calorie.
  • Watermelons are available from May to September, with peak season mid-June to late August. When selecting, choose melons that are symmetrical without any flat sides. Look for a smooth surface, a cream colored underbelly, and a rind that appears dull rather than shiny.
  • Store whole, uncut watermelon in the fridge or a cool, dark place for no more than one week. Cut watermelon should be wrapped and refrigerated and used within a day or two. :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Walk Off Those Pounds!

Lace up your sneakers, grab a bottle of water, and get ready to burn calories like crazy!
Walking has always been a cheap and easy way to slim down-and now researchers at a
famous Oregon Research Center have figured out a way to make it more effective than ever
before. In fact their simple "sticky note" trick is helping dieters walk off double the weight.

First, you put on some supportive shoes and walk briskly for at least 30 minutes daily. Do it
on a sidewalk, treadmill or trail: go for one long walk or a bunch of smaller walks. The most
important thing is to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Now, to make it go even farther, keep a written record of how long you walk-along with a
written record of exactly what you eat each day. It can be as easy as scribbling on a sticky
note or on the back of an envelope. Researchers in Portland, Oregon found that among 1,700
overweight test subjects asked to cut calories and walk at least half an hour daily, those who
kept a exercise/food log lost 100% more flab than those who did not.

Walking is perhaps the easiest way to burn calories and maintain metabolism-boosting
muscle. How does a log help improve results? Well, we all want to look good on paper, its just
human nature. So, when we are keeping a written record of, say, how much we walk or what
we eat, we adjust our actions accordingly to make ourselves look better.

Give it a try!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Healthy Ways To Turn Back The Clock!

Wouldn't it be great if you could reverse the aging process and add 10, 20-even 30-healthy years to your life? Well, according to studies, now you can!

All it takes is a few simple diet and lifestyle tweaks!

Add 20 Years By...
Exercising with a friend!

"Exercise stimulates the release of antiaging compounds that rejuvenate the heart, lungs, liver and immune system", says Diana Schwarzbein. MD, author of The Schwarzbein Principle II: A Regeneration Program to Prevent and Reverse Accelerated Aging. "And strong social ties help reduce the production of stress hormones."

Add 16 Years By...
Keeping your blood pressure low!

A blood pressure of 140/90-or higher-ages your arteries and heart faster than a reading of 115/75.
Quick Fix: Sticking to 1 tsp. of salt daily will trim three points off your blood pressure. And eat potassium-rich foods, such as a banana, a half cup of spinach or a skinless chicken breast, to trim another 5 points within 30 days.

Add 6 Years By...
Taking a daily multi!

Research shows B vitamins help prevent premature aging of the brain and nervous system. And selenium, calcium, magnesium and vitamins D and E slow the aging of muscles and the immune system.

Add 5-1/2 Years By...
Snacking on grapes!

These sweet little gems contain natural plant compounds called flavonoids, which slow aging of your arteries, plus keep your immune system young. The result: a lower risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease and brain illnesses.
TIP- Other top sources are red wine, apples, tea, onions, broccoli and garlic.

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