Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Walk Off Those Pounds!

Lace up your sneakers, grab a bottle of water, and get ready to burn calories like crazy!
Walking has always been a cheap and easy way to slim down-and now researchers at a
famous Oregon Research Center have figured out a way to make it more effective than ever
before. In fact their simple "sticky note" trick is helping dieters walk off double the weight.

First, you put on some supportive shoes and walk briskly for at least 30 minutes daily. Do it
on a sidewalk, treadmill or trail: go for one long walk or a bunch of smaller walks. The most
important thing is to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Now, to make it go even farther, keep a written record of how long you walk-along with a
written record of exactly what you eat each day. It can be as easy as scribbling on a sticky
note or on the back of an envelope. Researchers in Portland, Oregon found that among 1,700
overweight test subjects asked to cut calories and walk at least half an hour daily, those who
kept a exercise/food log lost 100% more flab than those who did not.

Walking is perhaps the easiest way to burn calories and maintain metabolism-boosting
muscle. How does a log help improve results? Well, we all want to look good on paper, its just
human nature. So, when we are keeping a written record of, say, how much we walk or what
we eat, we adjust our actions accordingly to make ourselves look better.

Give it a try!