Sunday, January 17, 2010

Water Really Can Make You Slimmer!

Hey, Healthy Bodies!

Want to turn your hunger off for zero calories?

Forget diet products and calorie counting! Research proves that regular doses of tap water is
all it takes to trick your body into eating less. If you make an effort to drink more water, you
will be a lot less thirsty-and a lot less likely to reach for high-calorie juices, mocha lattes and
other sugary beverages. The average person drinks roughly 300 calories a day; REPLACE
those calories with water, and you can't help but lose weight.

Yale researchers have found that soda pop and juice set off a blood rollercoaster that
stimulates our urge to eat by 15%. There is also evidence that the sweetness of soft drinks-
even the sugar free products-triggers cravings for more sweets. Try switching to water.

Even if you make no other changes in your daily regimen, drink plenty of water. It's a healthy
choice for just about everyone.

So, What are you waiting for?
Start drinking!