Saturday, January 30, 2010

FoodsThat Melt Fat!

How would you like to drop a few pounds without dieting or hitting the gym? You can-with slim-down foods that boost your calorie-burning power just like exercise!

1. Drop 7 pounds eating eggs!
They're packed with amino acids, and research shows that upping your intake of these protein building blocks can help you burn 71 more calories daily, enough to shed seven pounds a year. Aim for: seven to 10 eggs weekly.

2. Lose half a pound a month with green tea!
Burn an easy 60 calories a day due to antioxidants in green tea that also rev the brains production of metabolism speeding hormones. Aim for: Three cups daily.

3. Burn fat 33% faster with low-fat yogurt!
Thank the calcium in low-fat dairy! Getting three servings daily can double your weight loss.
Aim for: 8 oz. of low-fat milk or yogurt per serving.

4. Cut your appetite 35% with coffee!
A mere cup a day can raise your resting metabolic rate 15% for four hours; sip it 30 minutes before meals and it will blunt your appetite by 35%, as well! This single trick can help you lose 12 pounds a year-without counting a single calorie!
Tip: Power up your workouts! Drinking coffee an hour before exercising can help you melt 31% more fat!

5. Down 16% fewer calories with hot peppers!
Sure, they fire up your metabolism, but they also promote a sense of fullness that helps curb overeating. The proof: In a recent study, two groups were given pre-dinner drinks of tomato juice, one spicy, the other plain. Those who had the spicy drink ate 16% fewer calories than those who had the plain!

Quick Slimming! Fit in one cup of raw veggies-and 8oz. of vegetable juice daily-and researchers say you will shed up to 9 lbs. in just four weeks! This simple step doubles your intake of enzymes that help boost metabolism.